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For Wally’s birthday, I sketched a couple characters from his run as the Flash and simply because YJ has become my default art style, I just went ahead and wondered what they’d look like as such. I was going to draw Morillo and Chyre also, but I got lazy and decided not to. Hope you can enjoy them, I have no scanner so… XP The last two images were my idea for a crossover with some sort of time/parallel earth travel where the team meets the younger speedsters. I won’t lie, I laughed while drawing some of this.

For the horrible quality, what Impulse is saying to Artemis: “Mmmm Megan makes good cookies” “You look like my friend Cissie” “Are you and archer?” “Whatcha’ doin’?”

Second one with Megan and the twins.

Megan: Aww! They are so cute!

(Not Shown/in his head) Jai: HELP ME!!!

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